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What’s it really like to live the life of an art director? Whether your discipline is in advertising, branding and packaging or in print or digital media, the ever-changing field is as varied as it is in invigorating. (And at Rizco, we couldn’t agree more!)

The new book, Inside Art Direction, by award-winning graphic designer and writer Steven Brower, features interviews with 18 art directors working in a range of different industries, and Rizco’s own Keith Rizzi is spotlighted amongst some of the industry’s most interesting movers and shakers. The book provides practical, hands-on advice, tips and art direction assignments that students can try out, while offering insights about this fascinating field.

Want to learn the secrets of Keith’s (design) success? Go ahead; grab your copy on Amazon.

Inside Art Direction
Inside Art Direction Sketches
Inside Art Direction Plum Highlights