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Often, when scrolling through your feed or exploring a hashtag, we stumble upon curated content perfect for our social channels.

Instead of re-creating the post, social apps created a simplified process called reposting. Beware! Sharing content is not as cut and dry as you think. Below is the correct procedure for sharing copyright material.

Instagram Business shares a wide array of information if you are questioning your right to share copyrighted posts and how to protect personal copyrighted work.


What is copyrighted work?

Just because you appear in an image, photograph a work of art or share a project created for your employer does not mean you have a copyright to that photo. You likely own the copyright for any original creations. If you are the copyright owner, you have the right to prevent or allow others to utilize your work on their personal/professional channels.

How do I avoid copyright infringement?

Don’t be afraid to ask the owner for permission to share their content! Most content curators are flattered and grant permission. Connecting users through visual content is Instagram’s mission. Remember to give credit to the original author once permission is granted (even if the author does not request this action). The easiest way to include all copyright information is to utilize the Repost app.

What if someone shares my content without permission?

Instagram’s Help Center provides a copyright infringement document for reporting stolen user content. This document may lead to legal consequences. You must be sure this is a copyright infringement and ready to proceed with the claim.

For additional FAQ’s we recommend you visit Instagram’s Help Center.