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A new decade is here and Rizco has 2020 vision. Our Director of Digital Strategy, Jen, and Social Media Strategist, Lauren, lead us into the new year with some predictions of what to expect from marketing in 2020.

2020 Predictions

2020 Digital Marketing Predictions by Jennifer Barker

  • Conversational marketing will be at the forefront. Customers don’t want to wait for a response, hence chat support. In 2020, AI (artificial intelligence) will play an even bigger role in marketing. 
  • Security and privacy will become a priority. Changes have already been implemented to increase user privacy in Google Assistant; other platforms are just around the corner. This will change the way marketers advertise, remarket, and target audiences.
  • Technical fluency will be imperative. Google’s BERT update shook up the SEO world. While we can’t predict when the algorithms will change, we can stay on top of optimization, so we are prepared.
  • Facebook will emerge as a bigger advertising platform. As we see the shift from organic to paid, Facebook will become a big player in paid advertising, and we will see more budget allocated to the platform than ever before.
  • Data-driven storytelling will be key. Using big data to understand trends and hot topics to engage users will accelerate more than ever this year to ensure relevant content is sent to the right audiences. 
  • Increased accessibility across channels will be necessary. Not all users consume their content the same way, so marketers must utilize all channels. Going one step further, marketing will transcend platforms with the initiation of cross-platform marketing. TV will complement web traffic and sales; social will complement retail transactions, etc.
  • Flexible work schedules and remote work will rise. Marketing talent is migrating to independent work; therefore, agencies must become flexible to keep them. Agencies that don’t will run the risk of missing out on competitive advantages and quality, new talent that are seeking full-time employment without the office. 

2020 Social Media Predictions by Lauren E. Brajer

Half of the world’s population uses social media.

Welcome to 2020, a new decade full of innovative ways to utilize social media to improve and grow your business. Rizco analyzed social channels in 2019 to forecast 2020 digital marketing. 

The three trends listed below allow you insight into the ever-changing world of social media. Align your business/organization with these trends, and you will notice a shift in your social presence.

Visual Matters
Humans are 65% more likely to remember visual content (Adespresso, 2019). Creative and interactive videos lead the way with the most reach and engagement on social channels. We will continue to keep an eye on TikTok (a social app developed in China with over 800 million active users) but are confident that Instagram’s “Reels” – a competing asset – will eventually outgrow the video app.
Main Takeaway: Video, Video, Video – use them, love them. 

Customer Experience
The customer journey is now one of the most important aspects of social media. A flawless transition from your social advertising campaign to an active landing page will make or break your marketing strategy. Utilize brand awareness and advocacy to develop a short term goal (# of clicks or leads) and assess the performance to create a smart retargeting campaign.
Main Takeaway: Blend emotional and informational content to create a seamless experience.

Trust & Brand Loyalty
Over 75% of employees trust the organization they work for (Hootsuite, 2019). Consumers are looking for purpose-driven companies that are not afraid to take a stance on social issues. The idea of sharing your opinion might be frightening, but you can always remain neutral on a subject so long as you address the issue.
Main Takeaway: Make employee advocacy a part of your 2020 Strategic Plan.