Gibbons P.C.

A Proven Approach.

In 2018, Gibbons P.C., a leading law firm headquartered in New Jersey, came to Rizco with a desire to reposition its brand in the marketplace and develop an advertising campaign to coincide with the timing of its 2019 website relaunch. The challenge was to take a well-known, established brand and discover a way to bring a new perspective to tell the brand story. Our goal was to elevate a brand rooted in deep history, award-winning talent, and leadership within the law firm community.

What We Did

  • Competitive Landscape
  • Positioning/Messaging
  • Campaign Development
  • Advertising (Print & Digital)

Brand personality matters.

With the brand founded in 1926, we knew the importance of celebrating Gibbons’ legacy, culture, and credibility. Therefore, we conducted research that led to the discovery of traits inspiring a tagline with a differentiating position they could own.


Images and narratives create emotional connections.

Highlighting the firm’s attributes through strong visual and verbal storytelling helped personalize the messaging and increase brand recognition, showing how Gibbons practices law differently.

Increase reputation in existing markets.

The tagline and messaging came together through our creation of the “Distinct” campaign, which ran in print and digital ads across industry-specific publications to stand out among competitors speaking the same language.

gibbons print and digital ad

Print and Digital Ads

Your words matter.

quotation mark

We wanted our ad campaign to highlight the firm’s service distinction and set us apart from our competitors.

Rizco actually worked the word “Distinct” into the campaign – as the campaign’s centerpiece, actually – in an elegant way, identifying three words with which to pair it and landing on our three key distinguishing factors. The accompanying imagery also tells a story of a firm that, as the ads note, practices law differently.

Angela Pandolfo Roy
Chief Marketing Officer
Gibbons P.C.