Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts

Building Impressions from the Ground Up.

Established in 2004, Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts (CFIC) is New Jersey’s premier commercial flooring installation and maintenance expert, where solving flooring problems is their specialty. With a strong reputation across the state, they still wanted to increase brand awareness among facility managers and general contractors to showcase their successful partnership philosophy. As a result, in 2019, Rizco created a multi-channel pay-per-click (PPC) campaign highlighting the CFIC brand’s services to bring new leads into the sales funnel, and the campaign continues today.

What We Did

PPC Campaign Strategy
Landing Page Content & Design
PPC Ad Content & Design
Ongoing Analytics & Optimization
CFIC Logo Watermark
CFIC Facebook Ads

Campaign strategies matter.

Landing pages for lead generation.

Rizco created a dedicated landing page as a hub for all PPC advertising so it could stand on its own to represent CFIC. The design reflectedthe brand look, while the content provided a clear and concise understanding of their services and directed the target audience through the sales funnel to fill out a form for their flooring needs.

CFIC Website

Digital ads to drive intent.

PPC ads were developed for Google and Meta, highlighting modern and sleek imagery paired with a clear call to action of the brand’s expertise in the commercial flooring industry to attract clientele. In addition, we focused on utilizing the CFIC professional imagery that tied in with core brand colors of reds, grays, and whites for an overall aesthetic look and consistency.

Digital Ads

Metrics matter.

Month-over-month, Rizco continues to analyze, optimize, and provide metrics to CFIC, giving insight into campaign performance on this niche audience. In addition, feedback on leads is shared to ensure two-way communication around their qualification to continue to deliver results.

2022 Results In Review


Phone Calls Received


ROI inSales


Clicks from Google


Clicks from Meta

Your words matter.

We have been absolutely pleased with Rizco; not only are they very creative, but their customer service is top-notch. The entire team works extremely well together to deliver their services in a professional and timely manner. I highly recommend them.

Tom Mikulski
Founder and President
Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts