Genesis Labs

Laboratory of Choice

Physician-founded in 2009 as a gastrointestinal pathology-focused laboratory, today, Genesis Labs delivers full-scale clinical diagnostic services with qualified precision for healthcare providers, facilities, and patients throughout the country. Based in Oakhurst, New Jersey, they serve 2,000+ physician specialists that rely heavily on comprehensive diagnostic and pathology expertise and services in their field. In 2022, Genesis Labs came to Rizco looking to reposition the company and elevate the brand’s look in a highly-competitive market and stand out more as the industry leaders they are.

What We Did

  • Audit & Competitive Landscape
  • Logo & Identity
  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Print Collateral
  • Trade Show Marketing

Live Site

Brand composition matters.

Research to build ownership.

While Genesis has a loyal customer base and a name in the industry, their visual and verbal presence didn’t reflect its long-standing reputation. Therefore, we performed research, including an in-depth competitive analysis, a company-wide perception survey, interviews with the executive team, and reviewing all marketing materials to rebrand Genesis and help them own, speak, and visually represent their brand more strongly.

New logo narrative.

When Genesis came to us for a logo redesign, creating an updated visual architecture to tell the brand story was critical. Its logo anatomy needed to evoke a modern, intelligent, compassionate, and professional tone which we built around the “G” as an icon.

The “G” doubles as a modern beaker and denotes a science-first approach.
Three layers of liquid represent the Genesis difference; efficacy, devotion, and cutting-edge values.
A heavier font-weight highlights the “Genesis” name as it is often expressed.

Refreshed color palette.

Brand colors across the competition were similar and muted. So we chose a Genesis palette of vibrant tones allowing them to break free from the traditional and evoke the essence of trust, technology, and science.

Complimentary identity graphics.

We refreshed the brand’s suite of imagery to coincide with the rebrand and deliver a more robust visual experience.

Marketing consistency matters.

Comprehensive digital experience.

In a competitive market, Genesis’ website experience needed a user experience encompassing all healthcare and patient information at one’s fingertips. Together with them, we designed and developed a navigation and page structure to meet the needs of their customers, giving them a digital hub of information when and where they needed it.

Intentional color and iconography.

At Genesis, their team utilizes several types of collateral to sell and gather information from physicians and patients. Therefore, we needed to design and develop these materials with color-coding and testing-type iconography to help delineate between branded assets, making for a turnkey reference system.

Customized business cards.

Enhanced event experience.

Trade shows are an integral part of Genesis marketing their brand. We collaborated with their team to transform the customer experience at industry events, including a unique booth with Genesis colors throughout, from the carpet to the lighting, and a video showing the culmination of their new brand story.