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Rizco is proud to have the ability to interact with people that come from a diverse set of backgrounds. This year, we wanted to take a different approach in highlighting these individuals. We will be spotlighting the many faces that make Rizco the place Where Creative Campaigns Grow with a new “Getting To Know” series.

This week, we will Get To Know Rizco’s Director of Operations, Michelle Mazur!

Michelle has been with Rizco for six years and for her, no two days have ever been alike. To keep organized, she keeps track of tasks by creating a “to-do” list and follows the list adamantly. “I touch base with my internal team to ensure everyone has their tasks for the day, answer any questions they have, and make sure we meet our deadlines as scheduled,” she said.

Within her role, Michelle is in charge of all operations and deadlines for each of Rizco’s clients. She consistently reaches out to them to make sure that communication channels are never severed between Rizco and the client. “I love working with our amazing clients and wonderful co-workers,” Michelle says. “I also enjoy being able to be creative with projects. While I am not a designer, I get to be creative with the team and come up with new ideas and approaches to different challenges that may present itself.” In turn, clients appreciate her willingness to adapt to and tackle these challenges. These crucial abilities of flexibility and understanding help make her the “glue” that holds Rizco together.

While not working, Michelle enjoys walking on the beach or at a local park – especially with her husband and daughter. Living near the beach always was a dream of hers, and now she gets to enjoy this aspect of life daily. Above all, Michelle believes in the importance of spending her free time with her family and friends – who are all a very important part of her life.

What’s the 5th picture on Michelle’s iPhone? An adorable picture of Lily of course! Don’t you just love those two-front teeth!?!

Getting to Know Michelle Mazur

More fun facts about Michelle:

  • One of Michelle’s very first jobs as a teenager was a summer day camp counselor at Kings Court, a health and sports club in Lyndhurst, NJ.
  • Michelle is a 2008 graduate of Caldwell University (Caldwell, NJ).
  • If Michelle could be any animal (or mammal!), she’d be a dolphin swimming in the ocean. Makes sense, as summer is her favorite season!
  • Michelle wouldn’t mind going completely off the grid even if it’s only for a week: no social media, no TV, no movies. “It’s refreshing to constantly not need to stay plugged in.”
  • In 2018, Michelle is looking forward to getting more sleep! Her daughter, Lily, is 15 months old, and naturally, 2017 came up a bit short on the sleep front.
  • Michelle’s life slogan is: Love is unstoppable. “I really do believe that this is true and most of my experiences reflect this.”
  • Her go-to musical artist? “Carrie Underwood, hands down!”
  • Chocolate or vanilla: “Recently, it has been vanilla.”

One more surprising fact about Michelle is that she was a voice over for a mobile app called Luden’s Launcher, a fun experience that she would love to do again.

Have more questions for Michelle? Email her: