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2023 was a year that saw considerable change in the marketing and branding industry.

Not only did new technologies like ChatGPT become more readily available and change the landscape for marketers, but new services such as Google Analytics 4 launched, along with changes to popular social platforms like the transition from Twitter to X, that marketing teams everywhere had to adapt to. In 2024, we predict that many of these changes will continue to advance, and we foresee some new trends coming in as well. Keep reading for the four in 2024 we see hitting the marketing industry.

1. Embracing AI Integration

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making waves in nearly every industry. While not all of the integrations associated with AI have been well received, marketers in 2024 should consider embracing the technology to improve their processes and enhance their strategies where it makes sense for their business.

Some examples include using AI platforms to help clients visualize tradeshow booths or signage before it’s created, utilizing AI to optimize social media posting and engagement, and incorporating platforms such as Grammarly that act as a built-in second set of eyes on written materials to minimize grammatical errors on client deliverables. Marketers can advance and sustain their growth by embracing relevant AI integration to streamline processes in the new year and beyond. However, they will continue to want to use AI as a guide, knowing human interaction with the results is still critical.

2. Customer-Tailored Marketing

With technological advances come the perks of determining who your audience is and where to target them best. Yet, what good is knowing that information if brands aren’t capitalizing on it? In 2024, customers are craving customization. One-size-fits-all marketing has been out for a while, but this year, customers want more than just personalization with campaigns and tactics tailored to their needs and interests.

That’s why honing in on the platforms your target demographics are using can help boost engagement and allow you to connect with your customer base on new levels. Some examples of this include leveraging data to establish a clear idea of who your customers are, playing into buyer personas or determining your ideal customer and marketing to them, and adding more emotion into your campaigns. Special attention should also be paid to PPC and email marketing audiences to ensure the right groups see your efforts.

3. Social Media Engagement

While the popularity of AI has made it easier than ever for businesses to automate customer service responses through integrations like chatbots, it may not be a best practice for companies in 2024. Since many users now utilize social media as a direct line to reach out to brands, marketers need to keep the “social” in social media engagement in the new year.

It’s not enough for brands to simply monitor their social comments anymore; they should be actively engaging in conversations with their followers to promote brand awareness and trust. While an automated response may be appropriate as a first touchpoint for a follower, social media marketers should check direct messages (DMs) and comments daily to ensure brands uphold their digital presence and users feel seen in their interactions.

4. Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Customers have spoken and prefer brands with clear commitments to sustainability and social responsibility initiatives in 2024. According to Markstein and Certus Insights, 70% of consumers want to know how brands address social and environmental issues, and 46% consider these efforts when making purchase decisions.

With more buyers shifting their mindset to look for brands with values that align with their own, big and small brands mustn’t get left behind. This year, it’s the job of brands to establish these commitments and the position of marketers to make sure their customers are aware of these initiatives through email communications, social media posts, and campaigns that raise brand awareness and highlight socially responsible efforts.

Since marketing is constantly changing, one of the most proactive things a brand can do in the new year is enlist a marketing agency’s help to revamp its strategy and start the year off right. At Rizco, we’ve seen marketing trends come and go over our nearly 24 years in business, and we know the best tactics to integrate into our client’s strategies to streamline marketing efforts and promote growth all year. Check out our projects to see how we’ve helped businesses like yours!