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One of the most common questions we get from companies wary about hiring a marketing agency is what an agency can offer that an in-house marketing employee cannot.

For some, an in-house marketing team member may seem like the right choice. Yet, too often, business leaders do not consider the many avenues and nuances of marketing and either have to re-skill their employees or ultimately end up hiring an outside agency to meet their full needs.

To help companies and business leaders understand the benefits of hiring an agency right off the bat, we’ve broken down the values of a marketing agency into three main categories: experience, resources/cost-efficiency, and risk reduction. Keep reading to learn how these three factors come together to deliver the full breadth of benefits when working with an agency.

1. Experience

Perhaps the biggest draw for hiring an agency is the wealth of experience that comes with having a designated team behind your brand. For example, at Rizco, whenever a new client signs on with us, they are immediately given access to an account manager, one or more brand designers that are cross-trained across print, web, and video, a content strategist, social media managers, and a pay-per-click (PPC) specialist. While an in-house marketing specialist may have experience in these areas, it is very rare that they can handle all aspects of an effective marketing campaign (not to mention that according to Glassdoor, in 2022, they required an average salary of $74,785). Whereas an agency typically can provide an expert in each area of specialization, essentially for the price of one, and provide a nimble environment where the services can be tapped into as needed.

While some may argue that having a marketing coordinator that works in your industry is more important, it’s also crucial to remember that marketing agencies aren’t a new concept. If you choose an agency that has been in business for over a decade(s), odds are they already have experience in your industry and may even know a few marketing trends you weren’t privy to.

“A good marketing agency serves as the guiding light for any brand that intends to cater to their audience accurately and deliver their product in an effective way. It is the agency’s purpose to create impactful end-products that move their audience and evoke an emotional response. The true value of an agency lies in the sum of its parts—every teammate being so devoted to their craft, that it only makes sense to hire the pros to bring your brand to the next level.” -Sean Healey, Rizco, Director of Technical Design

2. Resources and Cost-Efficiency

The marketing field is constantly evolving, and some of the most significant changes to date have been made in recent post-pandemic years. Many marketers now rely on third-party applications and software to streamline their processes and validate ROI – especially when it comes to social media, email marketing, project management, and a designer’s need for Adobe’s Creative Suite. Keeping up with these software updates can be overwhelming and pricey, with unexpected increases coming regularly. When you sign on with a marketing agency, you will receive not only access to their knowledgeable team but also gain access to their investment in valuable technology, which their staff is being re-trained on regularly.

“When you hire a marketing agency, you get access to additional resources and tools the agency has subscriptions to. Marketing agencies have design programs, research platforms, technology, and social media management solutions to help execute their client projects. All of these items are expensive and provide benefits they share with their clients.” -Michelle Mazur, Rizco, Vice President of Operations

3. Risk-Reduction

Marketing agencies take on the risk on behalf of that client. It is the agency’s responsibility to be accountable for meeting the client’s goals and to be nimble by providing the range of expertise the client needs in today’s marketplace. An agency is expected to become an extension of your team that handles the marketing arm of your business. The marketing agency’s responsibility is to listen, learn, goal-set, and deliver on objectives in a timely and efficient manner … to essentially be two steps ahead. Additionally, through this process, business owners are able to get back valuable time to focus on their businesses vs. implementing marketing strategies.

“The time you aren’t spending on executing marketing initiatives (i.e. social media, email blasts, website updates, press releases, etc.) is valuable time that can be put back into moving your business forward.” -Sarah Camey, Rizco, Content Strategist

In addition to their ongoing duties, an agency is obligated to provide an easy exit strategy if needs aren’t being met. For example, if an agency is not a good fit or unforeseen issues arise during a business relationship, it is much easier to end a contractual agreement vs. the emotional struggles of terminating a full-time, in-house employee. Secondly, with ongoing economic fluctuations, it is much easier to increase or decrease the services that a marketing agency provides on a month-to-month basis vs. hiring and firing internally. The marketing agency’s job is to ensure a smooth and professional transition for the company if a contract needs to be terminated.

In closing, at Rizco, we have been providing award-winning brand-led marketing services for over twenty years. Our team of specialized marketing professionals knows the ins and outs of the marketplace and is constantly learning and adjusting our practices to keep up with this fast-paced industry. We have experience in nearly every aspect of marketing and will put our time-tested process to work for you so you can focus on your business. Interested in working with us but not sure where to start? Drop us a note to get the process started!

In closing, at Rizco, we have been providing award-winning brand-led marketing services for over twenty years and know what an agency should and shouldn’t be. That’s why we developed this Marketing Agency Audit Checklist, which serves as a template for businesses to vet a potential marketing agency and help determine whether or not they’ll make a good fit. Download it for free today!

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