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Rizco’s team was able to enjoy a virtual lunch & learn session led by President Carey Balogh, and Vice President Lauren Genest, of Brand Groupies on March 7th.

Carey and Lauren took us through the ins and outs of podcasting and how it can be a valuable tool in your marketing strategy. Podcasting is a medium that has grown exponentially in the past five years, and by 2024, it is estimated that there will be almost 5.5 million podcast listeners worldwide.

The Rizco team enjoyed learning about the many benefits and hurdles of podcasting. Here are some of the most important takeaways we took from the session:

    • The top two platforms for podcasts are Apple and Spotify.
    • 28% of listeners consume podcasts in their car.
    • For each podcast, 3-4 social posts can be created, and this content is evergreen.
    • Podcasts can be posted weekly, bi-weekly, or every three weeks. However, consistency is key.
    • The best guests to have on a podcast are thought leaders in your industry and also to establish the host as a thought leader.
    • While the return on investment for podcasts isn’t always immediate, podcasting is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness especially when the content is repurposed over time through social media and email marketing.

Are you interested in starting a podcast or learning more about this exciting marketing tactic? Contact Brand Groupies’ today!

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