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Job longevity refers to the length of time you remain in one job.

For employers, it is an indication of your commitment to them. At Rizco and for its clients, longevity represents three things. First, its commitment to BOTH the work that our team produces and the clients we align with. Second is a depth of knowledge that is constant and forever nurtured through professional development and exposure to new industries and assignments. Last is the consistency of familiar faces and quality of work that goes uninterrupted year after year.

This year marks a pivotal year for Rizco, as two team members celebrated their 5th work anniversary, meaning 60% of our employees have hit the 5+ mark and another 30% have been with the company over a decade. According to Forbes, 2020 saw employee turnover rates reach monumental heights in the U.S., reaching a historic 57.3%, and as of August of 2022, more than 4 million Americans left their jobs.

So what’s Rizco’s secret?

Is it safety, a sense of community, a stable learning environment, or none of the above? Let’s learn from Rizco’s team members who chat about the culture and what keeps them returning year after year!

1. In your opinion, what are essential values for a company to have to promote a positive workplace culture?

At Rizco, our core values are what I believe embody strong roots for a positive workplace culture. And these values were not just decided upon and shared by the leadership team but truly a collaboration of our entire team. We were given the opportunity to weigh in and provide feedback on them, giving us all a sense of togetherness to bring our culture to life. We stand for Creativity, Quality, Leadership, Knowledge, Professionalism, and Altruism, which are infused into our every day.

– Alicia Shepherd, Director of Strategy & Content, Five Years With Rizco

2. Can you think of a time when Rizco has supported you through a trying time, either personally or professionally, and how did that support affect your relationship with the company?

Because we are a small team of ten, we often refer to ourselves as a family. During the past five years, I, unfortunately, had to experience the death of my father and nephew. When you encounter a death, it requires time out of the office and affects your emotional state, but you find out about the character and values of your employer. I felt tremendous love and support not only from Deb and Keith but from the entire Rizco family. I was given the time to take care of what I needed to do, with a family-first mentality in both situations. Experiencing this kind of support made me want to work extra hard for my team every day thereafter.

– Jill Nappi, Vice President of Sales, Nine Years With Rizco

3. How does Rizco encourage your overall career growth beyond your role with the company?

The leadership team at Rizco is not only invested in each team member’s growth within their roles but also in their professional development as a whole. Over the last year, I communicated to Deb and Keith that I would like to get more involved within my local community of Toms River. Rizco had recently become a member of the Toms River Chamber (GTRCC), and through this affiliation, I have been able to attend networking events where I engage with local professionals and small business owners. This has allowed me to expand my day-to-day role as a senior designer and act as an ambassador for Rizco in my community. I am very grateful that I have been encouraged to expand my role in this way, and I look forward to continued opportunities for growth!

– Alexa Saltzman, Senior Designer, Five Years With Rizco

4. What advice, as an employee and member of the leadership team, would you give to a company looking to enhance its workplace culture?

In order to enhance your workplace culture, you need to be involved with all your team members. Having open communication and consistent touchpoints with each team member helps provide valuable feedback for the company to see how everyone is doing with their project tasks and what is going on with them personally if they wish to share. As a member of Rizco’s leadership team, I see firsthand how having an open communication policy benefits the company by ensuring all staff are happy and doing our best for a work-life balance.

– Michelle Mazur, Vice President of Operations, Eleven Years With Rizco

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