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Local Non-Profit Aligns With Marketing Agency to Continue Their Mission of Providing Care and Resources to Individuals With Complex Physical and Developmental Disabilities or Delays

LADACIN (Lifetime Assistance for Developmental and Challenging Individual Needs) Network, a non-profit organization that provides the continuum of care, including accredited educational, therapeutic, social, residential and support services to infants, children, and adults with complex physical and developmental disabilities or delays, has recently announced Rizco as a new Annual Corporate Sponsor.

For the past two years, Rizco, a brand-led marketing agency, has had the privilege to align with LADACIN Network, relaunching three websites that support their corporate communications and two schools, Schroth and Lehmann, which are pivotal to their outreach and development strategy. Both Rizco and LADACIN are proud to continue this relationship by elevating Rizco’s commitment as a corporate sponsor.

Rizco’s Partner and President Debra Rizzi states, “LADACIN Network’s wheelchair-accessible buses are recognizable across our county’s roads on a daily basis. Because of their commitment, individuals with complex disabilities have a consistent place to grow and be nurtured throughout all phases of life. Amplifying LADACIN’s story and services is a “win” for our community, and Rizco is proud to support their mission.”

Since 1949 LADACIN Network has been a leader in providing local resources and care for 3,500 individuals with complex physical and developmental disabilities or delays and their families across Monmouth and Ocean Counties. With 10 residential facilities, 2 schools, a fleet of over 60 vehicles, almost 500 employees, and countless volunteer hours that are all orchestrated to inspire growth to help them learn, excel, and provide a community they can rely on from infancy through adulthood. With operating expenses that surpass $26 million annually and state funding to cover the basic needs of the organization, there is a significant hole between providing these basic services and attaining the excellence LADACIN strives for.

Director of Development & Community Relations, Luisa Vroman, states, “Each year additional funding is needed to fill the gap between the basic cost of providing services and sustaining excellence across our programs and services. We rely heavily on revenues that stem from annual signature fundraising events and the generosity of corporate partners, like Rizco, who help in supporting our community’s needs.”

Rizco is proud to align itself with LADACIN Network through its Annual Corporate Sponsorship Program and to support the organization’s mission and offer its expertise so that the organization can continue to reach families and individuals who will benefit from its services. For more information or to make a donation, please visit