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Rizco launched a brand new website!

Q) How long did it take? Why?

A) It took us about 1.5 years! Like many other designers, we fit our own personal marketing in between client work. Now we know why many of the top design + branding firms outsource their own web work, just to get it done!

Q) What is the goal of the new website?

A) To showcase Rizco’s full breadth of work, what we do, and provide a sense of our culture. Our service offering has evolved greatly over the past two years and we realized that repositioning the firm from a “branding + interactive” agency toward a “creative campaign” agency was the best strategic move for us. Of course, ensuring that the site is mobile-compliant was long overdue.

Q) What is new?

A) We finally acquired the URL, so the site, along with all of the company email will be transitioning this year. Additionally, we will be adding content regularly, so there will be something new on a regular basis.

Q) What can clients and visitors expect from the site?

A) In The Loop is our blog and will feature a recent project, our position on industry trends, updates about our team and what is on the horizon.

Q) What were some of the challenges?

A) Definitely the responsive views, but also ensuring that the imagery was large enough to translate and respond to the various viewpoints. We also needed to make sure that when the imagery scaled, it was still visually appealing and represented Rizco’s key messages properly.

Q) What are you most proud of?

A) Our process started with research and our culture is collaborative. The entire team played a role in this project from our internal audit phase, to content and visual development. We are collectively proud of the end-product and what it represents … The Rizco Brand.

Rizco Partners Deb + Keith Rizzi
Rizco's culture is collaborative.