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According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers globally trust word-of-mouth or recommendations from friends or family above all other forms of advertising.

As we know, digital marketing has changed the face of advertising forever. Your customer base is no longer limited to how far word-of-mouth advertising can take you, but rather how far you set your sights with your marketing communications. Yet, while digital marketing is a near-necessary tool today, it’s still important to nurture your marketing fundamentals locally and build connections within your community.

So, to help businesses understand how to increase their local outreach, we’re looking at what we think of as “back-to-basics” marketing and how businesses can forge relationships in their area to help propel their business forward.

Join Local Business Organizations
Chamber of commerce groups, local business chapters, and even community Facebook groups are all excellent ways to develop a presence close to home. Business groups like these often host meetings and networking events that your team can attend to meet others in your area and advertise your services in a more casual setting. Your business can even take this a step further by contributing to events as a sponsor, which usually ensures that your business name will be visible to all attendees, thus getting even more exposure.

Charity and Community Service
According to Mintel, 73% of Americans state that a company’s charitable giving affects their purchasing habits. Consumers, in general, like to feel good about where they put their money. However, it is especially important for businesses to support charitable causes locally. By supporting charities close to home or regularly participating in community service, you will increase your brand exposure and help solidify your brand as a more authentic and holistic organization.

Community Sponsorships
Two years ago, the number of games, events and even small gatherings was slim to none. Thankfully, 2022 has brought more folks out and about, and events are jam-packed with people eager to make personal connections and be around friends and family. That’s why we highly recommend community sponsorships. This could look like sponsoring a local sports team or organization, paying for a high school football stadium banner with your company’s logo, or sponsoring that one event that everyone in your community comes out for every year. By taking these small steps, you can become a staple in your area and a brand that locals recognize and support.

As we’ve learned, back-to-basic local marketing efforts can become the most successful campaigns down the road. Even if your company is mainly virtual, you can still encourage your employees to join chapters and events in their communities to help expand your brand’s reach and spread awareness wherever your team resides. Are you interested in learning more about creating a presence in your area? Contact us today to get started!

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