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Many workers will need support to achieve wellness and work-life balance in 2024.

According to a blog by Hubstaff, a whopping 60% of US workers say they don’t have boundaries between work responsibilities and life. These struggles have not gone unnoticed by employers, and prioritizing wellness has become a key focus across various industries.

At Rizco, achieving work-life balance and overall employee wellness is critical to ensuring employee satisfaction and productivity. In fact, we’ve taken steps to accentuate wellness as a core value and further integrate the concept into our brand, making wellness not just a perk but a promise. In honor of June being Employee Wellness Month, we’re sharing some strategies for building a wellness-driven brand to help achieve workplace vitality and work-life balance.

Well Employees Work Better

When employees’ well-being is prioritized by their organization, workers are more likely to be productive, attentive, and valued members of their teams. Companies have also been shown to benefit from employee wellness in the long term, with Zippia reporting that, on average, companies that provide wellness programs see a six-to-one return on investment (ROI).

Integrating a wellness culture with your brand will foster a more resilient and high-performing workforce, ultimately benefiting your company through improved ROI, increased productivity, and other advantages. Yet, the professional wellness market has grown exponentially over the past few years as more companies have realized the benefits of a holistic work culture. Therefore, determining effective strategies for integrating wellness may seem more complicated, with more options to choose from for apps, challenges, and wellness-supporting employee benefits. To simplify things, your wellness strategy should encompass three key areas: Custom Solutions, Collaborative Efforts, and Achievable Goals.

Custom Solutions

While the whole company should desire wellness, employees have different needs. Therefore, custom solutions may be necessary to make employees feel their wellness journey is valued. For example, some employees may want to prioritize physical health, while others would benefit more from strategies to support mental health.

Here are some customized solutions to take advantage of:

  • Promote ergonomic practices in the workplace or allow employees to utilize office products that support ergonomic health, such as yoga balls as chairs, standing desks, and daily stretches to help relieve discomfort/pain.
  • Gym memberships or stipends can inspire employees to get active and improve their physical wellness, which can also drive all aspects of employee wellness. According to a Gympass report, wellness drives productivity, with 93% of workers saying that their physical well-being impacts their productivity.
  • Integrate wellness apps into your brand offerings, such as Calm, Talkspace, and other digital meditation/relaxation services, to support mental health and well-being.
  • Encourage employees to share the initiatives and holistic business practices they value and incorporate these preferences into your company’s practices to meet their needs.

Employee wellness shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all issue; therefore, by adding simplified, customized solutions to your integration efforts, your employees will feel more individualized and seen.

Collaborative Efforts

Despite the need for individualized care, it’s also essential that your team feel empowered to achieve better wellness together through collaborative efforts. Team challenges are a great way to fulfill this need by encouraging your employees to work towards their goals together. Hosting team challenges or events for team wellness can incite comradery amongst employees or even promote some friendly competition.

When determining group wellness ideas, knowing that wellness should encompass the mind, body, and soul is important. Therefore, walking challenges, workday meditation sessions, team volunteering, and sustainability pledges are all easy ways to collaborate and better your wellness initiatives. Jill Rizzi, Manager of Digital Marketing at Rizco and Certified Health Coach, adds, “A well-rounded, holistic approach to wellness is imperative for helping your team feel inspired and motivated to partake in your wellness initiatives because it fosters well-being in and outside the workplace. Thus, it promotes better work-life balance and happier employees.”

Collaborative wellness is one area that Rizco is excited to take advantage of this month with our #TeamRizco Walking Challenge! Each day, our team members are encouraged to log their steps toward our team goal of two million steps in June. Follow us on Instagram and view our stories for monthly updates on the challenge!

Achievable Goals

While wellness itself is not always tangible, setting goals for your team can motivate them both long- and short-term. For team challenges and wellness campaigns, tracking their daily or weekly progress is a short-term strategy to promote achievable well-being. However, for more long-term objectives such as volunteering initiatives or pledges, your leadership team should devise an internal action plan and measurability factor to determine whether your team has effectively achieved its goals.

Align your achievable goals with the values your team wants to enhance, and clearly communicate these objectives to ensure everyone is working toward the same ideals. Highlighting your team’s progress and intensifying your efforts are essential for integrating wellness into your brand and core values.

While June is celebrated as Employee Wellness Month, employee wellness should be focused on throughout the year to ensure productivity and overall employee satisfaction. In the current workforce, it’s no longer enough to say your company supports wellness, but rather a necessity to show that support by prioritizing a wellness-driven brand. Integrating simple wellness practices into your brand framework can inspire a better-performing and more resilient workforce.

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