You’ve been expecting me!

Who knew that such a small fruit could become one of our biggest projects. We started working with Plum, a gymnastics activewear company, in 2014, helping them undergo a major rebranding, including a new logo, brand messaging, and even introducing the term “Practicewear” in their strategy. We also took the lead in generating more brand awareness, brand equity, and further expansion and growth of the business.

What We Did

  • Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Branding
  • Package Design
  • Print Production

Taglines that matter.

For Plum, we wanted simple taglines that aligned with the brand’s values and encompassed more than just words. Gymnasts spend roughly thirty hours a week training, combine that with an average of six and a half hours a day at school, and there’s little time for much else. So Rizco’s team established the tagline “Practice Perfect” for their practicewear leotard lines and “Compete Confidently” for their competitive line to remind #PlumGirls that each practice only brings them closer to their goals and to encourage them to always strive for greatness.

The Plum P.

We wanted a ubiquitous symbol that could be utilized in packaging, product images, and all aspects of branding to convey Plum’s overarching message of positivity. So each leotard has a carefully placed “P” on the hip. You’ll often see our ambassadors and #PlumGirls showing off their “P’s” with pride, as we inspire them to “wear their heart on their hip!”

Know your size. It’s a system.

Plum is queen of comfort in the gymnastics world, and one of the easiest ways to ensure that customers are comfortable in their garments is to help them fully understand which size fits them best. So we’ve come up with a color system to help them determine their exact fit for ultimate comfort.

Aesthetics matter.

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Were you expecting me? Plum packaging.

Who doesn’t love opening a new package in the mail? When it came to Plum packaging, we wanted a design that was fun, sassy, and of course, pretty to look at. We even wanted to add some spice to the boxed packages by creating branded Plum tape. All of this cultivates excitement for #PlumGirls when they receive their new garments!

Specialty garments need a special bag.

Plum’s competitive line, Simply Elegant, consists of beautifully crafted competitive leotards with jeweled designs and hand-sewn accents. For this reason, we knew we needed to create a protective bag to house these garments between competitions.

Your words matter.

Plum is committed to offering an exceptional product, as well as, promoting a sense of community and positivity within gymnastics. Our packaging needed to reflect how special we feel our #PlumGirls are. Rizco has always understood what we stand for, and was able to express that in our beautiful packaging. We were thrilled with the clean, elegant design that Rizco created. We want our #Plumgirls to have a feeling of excitement when they receive our product and this was translated beautifully in the design. We give our thanks to the Rizco for all of the incredible work throughout the years!

Gennaro Palladino
Managing Partner, CEO