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It’s no secret that an up-to-date website is important for your business. While the average lifespan of a website is three to seven years, time shouldn’t be the only factor for a redesign. A website is the core of every marketing campaign and should be effectively engaging with your audience.

Is it Time to Redesign Your Website?

While a redesign may entail a lot of work, it’s also the first impression about your company – so you do want to ensure that it’s responsive, easy-to-navigate, and most of all a site that you are proud to show off because it represents your business well!

Here are some of our key recommendations for why it might be the right time to consider investing in your company’s website redesign:

It’s not responsive, meaning that pages don’t resize on different devices.

Nowadays, users may be looking at your site from a desktop, laptop, tablet or many variations of mobile devices. And they expect a seamless experience from all of these entry points. What’s more, a responsive design is key to being recognized by Google and will increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

Your content is out-of-date and not optimized for voice search.

Your content plays a huge role in the success of someone finding your site. If you have an abundance of articles or blog posts, it may be time to conduct a content audit to see which articles need repurposing and which offer no benefit. Plus, voice search is gaining market share because people are increasingly searching for local information by speaking into their phones (thank you Siri and Alexa). Therefore, content should include longer, more conversational search terms.

It’s not reflecting your product offering and key differentiators.

It’s important that your site reflects your current service offerings and why you are different so you don’t lose customers to your competitors. Along with that, do your research and know your target market and where to reach them. Build a communications model around digital, print, social, public relations, TV and radio, that touches upon your key demographic and ultimately drives traffic to your site.

New technology can streamline a process or influence a sale.

Whether your e-commerce platform needs an overhaul, your Content Management System (CMS) needs an upgrade, or automated scheduling technology needs to be implemented to support your sales team, it may be time to evaluate your current website and identify where the investment in new technology can eliminate redundancies or provide a new user experience that can increase engagement and ultimately sales.

Final thought: If you do create a new site, make sure to “feed” it regularly. Add content to a blog and post a teaser on your social media pages that will link back and drive traffic to your new, beautiful website.

While the above is a guideline, every company’s situation is unique. Contact us to review and analyze your current site and see how Rizco can help you achieve your business goals.