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Dated Sites Make For Uninterested Users

In this day and age, your website can say more about you than word-of-mouth advertising or even your storefront. Digital presence is more important than ever when it comes to securing new customers since more people are online than ever before. According to Pew Research Center, it is estimated that an overwhelming 93% of Americans use the internet. That’s a lot of potential clients surfing the web daily looking for businesses like yours.

With numbers this high, it’s hard to imagine that companies wouldn’t be investing more in their websites. Whether you want to believe it or not, for some users, the difference between doing business with you versus your competitors is who has the better-looking site.

Here at Rizco, we’re seeing a significant and alarming trend: more and more of our clients are neglecting to update their websites. These web pages are often missing necessary updates to plugins, services, and staff pages. While this may not feel like a big deal now, the world is continuing to make the switch to a more digital existence, and your website is your company’s vessel into the new frontier as technologies evolve.

The Problem: Lacking Marketing Funds

Almost all businesses worldwide took a financial hit last year. Only now are lucky corporations starting to see profits again, and unfortunately, a lot have been forced to close altogether. Rizco went through our own troubles, and we know firsthand how tight funds can be during this time.

Web design doesn’t come cheap either, so the trend we’re seeing is understandable and expected. That’s why when our clients come to us with dated sites looking for help but lacking the funds, we’ve been offering a secondary, more cost-effective option.

The Solution: Fixing What is Broken and Highlighting What is Not

You’ve probably heard the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This doesn’t really apply when talking about websites, but it does pose an interesting solution to the web page woes many business owners face.

Rather than spending already strapped capital on an entirely new site, Rizco collaborates with our clients to make some much-needed updates to broken plug-ins, update content including the copyright and privacy policies, add key services that have been added or that competitors are highlighting, and pivot our strategy to work within a client’s budget and available resources.

The goal is to make the necessary updates that keep the site functional and accessible and allow your customers to navigate important information accurately and quickly. If the site needs too much repair, landing pages are created as a short-term solution to top-line critical information, and we curate form submissions for lead generation. Next, we focus on producing email blasts, social media posts, blogs, and paid advertisements for your business to feed the sales funnel. These elements drive brand awareness and can play just as big of a role in securing clients as your website and sales team. Our clients can fund a cost-effective marketing campaign by carrying out these strategies, and when funding is still tight, we provide extended payment terms to get what they need today to meet their revenue goals on the backend.

At Rizco, we are committed to helping our clients grow. Making updates to your website and feeding it with strategic marketing tactics are services we offer that only scrape the surface of what we can do for your business.

Are you looking to revamp your web design and drive more traffic to your site? Contact us today to find out how Rizco can help you!