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Since February 2021, our designer, Alexa Saltzman has been an ambassador for Love One International, an organization that transforms the lives of children and families in Uganda by providing medical care and other life-saving resources.

Recently, Alexa attended the Love One International Ambassador Retreat at The Oaks Center in Southern California, where she met with other Love One ambassadors, board members, and leadership team members.

Alexa was one of eighty women who attended the retreat, which featured guest speakers, including Love One’s director in Uganda who gave insight on the important work being done at the Love One center. The group also participated in team-building activities, delicious meals, worship, and music. Love One was founded in 2009 with a mission to provide life-saving medical care to those that need it most.

In Uganda, not all children have access to quality, medical care, and other important resources. Love One seeks to bridge that gap by providing access to life-saving healthcare and rehabilitative care, with the goal of restoring children to health and resettling them with their families. Love One offers ongoing support to families through nutritional education, family strengthening, and spiritual programs.

When asked why she joined Love One, Alexa states, “I grew up volunteering for local community organizations that my father was a part of, and ever since, I’ve always wanted to look for ways to help and serve people. When Love One opened up their ambassador program nationwide I knew I had to apply and be a part of their organization. I find great purpose in being able to use my resources to help others who are in less fortunate circumstances. Being a part of the Love One ambassador community has allowed me to meet people all over this country who share the same passion to help others and make a difference.”

This was Alexa’s first ambassador retreat since joining the organization two years ago. As a Love One ambassador, Alexa has helped to spread awareness and provide funding for the organization to continue to do this important work. Last year, she helped raise $1,671 in funds by designing a custom bracelet through the Little Words Project. Alexa has since taken on a role in the leadership team by joining Love One’s resource team leading the charge on graphic and creative design for the ambassador program.

You can support Love One and help Alexa reach her 2022 donation goal of $2,000 by donating at the link below!