How do you reinvent a brand in a saturated market? Listen to your consumer.


The Story

Rizco was enlisted by Plum Practicewear to oversee all of the strategy, design and implementation for a comprehensive marketing plan that would streamline the Plum brand to generate awareness, establish deeper brand equity, and generate further expansion and growth of the business.

The goal for 2014 was to gain international exposure, grow Plum’s line of limited-edition leotards, and gain exposure as leading outfitter of gymnastics “training” gear. All leotards were priced below $30. Within the first three months, sales were secured in the United Kingdom, Australia, Norway, Canada, Israel, and United Arab Emirates. The brand experienced a 709% growth in sales from 2014 to 2015 and is currently up 231% in sales from 2015 to 2016.

What We Did
  • Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Design Standards
  • Product Development
  • Photo Shoots
  • Videos
  • Social Media
  • Public Relations
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Plum Practicewear Tagline - Practice Perfect
Plum Practicewear - Logo Mark
Plum Practicewear - Responsive Website

Chalk It Up®

Yes, gymnasts use a lot of chalk! After trademarking the slogan, Rizco went to work creating the signature line of “Chalk It Up” leotards. Featuring bright emoji-style icons, three custom leotards were design and produced from scratch with all of the production occurring on U.S. soil within the northeast region.

Plum Practicewear Chalk It Up
Plum Practicewear Chalk It Up Icons

CityVibe Series

Rizco worked with Plum to develop and market the “CityVibe” Series, which was added to its collection of limited-edition practice leotards that are colorful, comfortable, and affordable. Different from other collections, this line was conceptualized to educate gymnasts about other cultures and act as a catalyst to bring gymnasts together globally as they prepare for the 2016 Rio Games.

The kickoff line embraced three major cities: New York, Paris, and London and are named “Big Apple”, “Mademoiselle”, and “Tea Time”. Each leotard features a step and repeat pattern of icons that represent that city and its culture. Additionally, Plum has posted a FREE digital publication on their web site that allows gymnasts to learn “fun-facts” about each city including demographic information, historical places to visit, and relevant gymnastics statistics.

Plum Practicewear City Vibe Logo
Plum Practicewear City Vibe Leo


Rizco’s design team is exceptionally inspired by each new line of leos. Naming each leo plays a large role in personifying the leotard, which makes it come to life during a photoshoot. Extensive research is done to find new photography techniques and include props to bring each photo to life. Rizco is very fortunate to have nationally + internationally decorated, amateur gymnasts around the Northeast-area that donate their time to model for the Plum brand.

Rizco | Plum Practicewear | Pattern Design
Rizco | Plum Practicewear | Photography


The Plum website is the hub for all communications. Visual banners showcase the “hero” shots from the new line, while each product is showcased in at least three different views. Built on Shopify, the platform allows all of Plum’s partners to manage the business via a mobile app and measure the success of each campaign. Since it’s launch in August of 2014, there have been over 202,000 users that have visited the site almost 550,000 times!

Plum Practicewear - Website, Online-Store

Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are used extensively to share Plum’s culture and give everyday gymnasts around the world a voice. From #TwinningTuesday, to #WantToKnowWednesday Videos and #FlexFridays – it is Plum’s customers that inspire the next generation of the brand. On a daily basis hundreds of messages and photos are supplied to Plum for daily content on our feed.

#PlumLove #PlumGirls #PracticePerfect

Plum Practicewear Social Media Management
Sales Growth
2014 to 2015
Sales Growth
2015 to 2016
Increase in
Facebook Followers
2014 to 2016
Instagram Followers
2014 to 2016

“We came to Rizco with a great product that was primarily only known in the Northeast of the United States, but we needed marketing help. They were able to develop a new brand identity for Plum and reposition us as a specialty practicewear company within the gymnastics sector. Now we have customers from all over the U.S. and several other countries around the world. Thank you Rizco for helping to make our dreams become a reality.”

– Gennaro Palladino, Managing Partner