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While most companies have come to realize just how critical a marketing strategy is, the last year has proven this even further. Recently, Jill Nappi, Rizco’s Director of Business Development, presented 2021 marketing trends to a group of professionals in the industry at a networking event and we wanted to share key findings.

2021 Marketing Trends

There are three key areas that 2021 marketing trends are focused on, and every marketer should cultivate for successful campaigns: people, processes, and technology. Due to digital overload, the world of marketing is moving faster than ever before. Between the growth of digital practices and the drastic reduction of human interaction, companies have less time to grab a user’s attention and convert them into a customer. Businesses need to understand that if you have the three key factors aligned, the growth WILL follow!

People: Quality Not Quantity

When we talk about people, there are only two groups that you need to concentrate on: the customers you have, and the customers you do not have yet.

Current Customers
It is undoubtedly important to expand your client database, but if you strive to only collect more patrons without supporting the ones you have, your marketing strategy will flop. Make sure to delight current customers with a positive experience during each interaction and be responsive to their needs. Upholding these practices will help you maintain quality relationships with your existing clients.

Lead Generation
Marketing is a system, and lead generation is an outcome of that system, not just an objective. Achieving this outcome all depends on a comprehensive strategy and plan, which should look as follows:

1. Research
2. Strategy
3. Tactics (PR, email, social, pay-per-click, traditional advertising, associations, etc.)
4. Measurement

It’s a long game, but by being consistent with this plan will pay off, and you’ll start to see the growth you’ve been waiting for!

Processes: Putting Plans Into Action

What are some processes you and your team can adopt to see the best results? Let’s find out!

Sales & Marketing Alignment
It’s time to get all your teams on the same page. Sales and marketing teams that are aligned will not only help you convert more leads but generate more high-quality leads. A solid group of high-quality leads will help propel your business further, and you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t cross-pollinate the two teams earlier.

Be Authentic
Being authentic and knowing what you stand for in your marketing messaging is a key step in gaining a sense of comfort and trust between you and your prospective customers. Connection, convenience, and value are three points that customers routinely come back to. When you use these points to represent your company, the results are undeniable.

Technology: Tips For the Digital Age

In the last year, as more people turned to online communities for social interaction than ever before, businesses also recognized digital marketing value. While old-school techniques like word of mouth advertising and newspaper ads may still reach some consumers, it’s simply not enough to stand out amongst your competitors.

Everything Gets Smaller
A good rule of thumb when it comes to digital marketing is “less is more.” Customers like digestible, short-form content because it feels more personal. So, expect a push for less content, shorter videos, intimate launches, and mini-courses. The biggest takeaway here is to make sure you have the technological infrastructure to support these needs, like social media and websites.

Digital Transformation
OK, you’ve put the above marketing strategies in place, so how do you know if your efforts are paying off? You measure, of course! Measurement helps you better understand what works for your business and how to expand on that success. While you may currently rely on a roundtable of opinions and gut feelings for your company’s decision-making, focusing on data-driven results will further advance your marketing efforts. To do this, acquire the measurement tools you need to make decisions based on fact, and find out where your leads and customers are coming from. Where do you start? If you haven’t checked Google Analytics this past month, it’s time.

The significance of cybersecurity is not something to ignore. To grow your business, your customers should trust that their information is secure. Making your policies and procedures transparent to your patrons is one way to help them feel at ease. If you haven’t already, it’s time to connect with your insurance agent about cyber insurance to protect you and your business.

There you have it! A breakdown of the top 2021 marketing trends. Implementing these practices into your business model can help you achieve significant growth and keep your business current with the ever-changing times. Want more hands-on help with incorporating these trends? Contact Rizco today to generate real marketing results!