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One thing I have experienced during my tenure at Rizco is that you are never too old to learn.

Since expanding our digital department, I find that I have new tools in my bag when meeting with potential clients. While explaining the future of marketing to our customers, I find that I do learn something new every day. 

To stay relevant in the industry, Rizco must learn and grow with time. While increasing our client base, I use my ever-expanding knowledge of Pay Per Click (PPC) and social media marketing to assist businesses. Tip: Clients appreciate when agencies are ahead of the curve. Help businesses remain relevant and keep them in the loop with updates in technology that will help their business grow.

— Jill Nappi, Director of Business Development


Staying relevant for our client’s business growth is key as Jill references. In addition, at Rizco, we need to remain relevant as an agency to manage our client’s business. Project management goes beyond those words, and it’s the in-between that sets us apart — finding that right matrix of tools and talent to lead and drive each project to success.

Our team approaches each client’s project with fresh eyes, backed by experience, previous learnings, and an understanding to ask the right questions. This approach allows us to be leaders vs. managers.

As the day-to-day contacts, Michelle Mazur and Alicia Shepherd share ways leaders stay relevant in the digital age:

  • Be Adaptable – each situation that comes across our desks can be different by the hour. Our clients rely on our team to be flexible and willing to make revisions, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It’s about creating trust and partnership, so no matter the scenario, you can adjust and grow as a leader.
  • Keep Learning – we work in an industry that requires learning quickly and continuously. At the start of each project, our team assesses a client’s brand thoroughly to immerse ourselves in their business. We also raise a hand to ask effective questions that open the conversation for further insights. Simply knowing is not enough to lead; questions are critical for uncovering the right answers. 
  • Become Partners – empathy goes a long way when creating a great customer experience. Our team values the relationships we make with each person our agency engages with, from our clients to the community to student interns. Paying attention to you and what you want to achieve so you can rely on our team for leadership. 

— Michelle Mazur, Vice President of Operations and Alicia Shepherd, Account Manager