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Being homebound was probably not at the top of your list as of last week. All things happen for a reason, whether we like it or not, and we come out stronger each time. As business leaders, in times of uncertainty, the first instinct is to curtail marketing when instead, it’s an opportunity to reflect, redirect, and establish a strategy for growth on the back end.

Teamwork on and off the field

Five Marketing Tips For Today’s Climate

1. Virtual Communication
Conversational marketing has been a driving force, and one-on-one connections still foster relationships more quickly. What is the solution as we aim to #FlattenTheCurve? Video conferencing! Technology allows us to connect and continue human engagement with your employees and customers. Still have that cup of coffee with a prospect; just do it virtually! What is Rizco using? Google Hangouts – it’s easy, seamless, and FREE. Other options include Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Skype.

2. Adjust Your Offering + Discover New Opportunities
Your target market might be iron-clad today, but what if a shift could open up an opportunity for tomorrow? Do you have a product-based company that can shift to an online presence or provide delivery options? As of yesterday, Amazon announced that they are hiring, so the demand is there! Think about concierge service where individualized video conferencing can allow you to connect with a customer and curate a sale. For service-based businesses, it is a bit more challenging. Follow the news, identify which businesses are remaining open, and how your service offering can fit in with the target market that is experiencing demand.

3. Social Media
The worst action is no action – your brand and business depend on it. Understand what channels your competitors and customers are using the most frequently. Don’t have a professional LinkedIn page? It’s time to develop one and build your network – online. Establish your channels, start the conversation, establish a following, and communicate with your customer base. If you have social channels in place, utilize this opportunity to educate your community about what your business is doing in response to the pandemic to stay safe and healthy, offer useful tips and tricks to your customers, and be a valuable resource for information.

4. Kickstart the Tough Projects 
Websites and strategic pay-per-click campaigns take time and usually sit due to the time commitment to do research, develop content, or curate high-quality photography. Now is the time to tackle those projects:

  • Website – if your site is not responsive (mobile-friendly), it is not being supported by Google in searches and not being found by your customers. If your site is in good working order, it’s time to update content, post a new article, or create a new case study that would be attractive to a potential customer. If you can’t do this on your own, hire a specialist and ask for extended payment terms to support your cash flow.
  • Pay-per-click – paid advertising campaigns through Google or social media channels that embrace landing pages and email automation takes a solid 3-4 weeks to research, design, and develop effectively. Get ahead of the curve. Invest in getting the infrastructure in place and be ready to market when home restriction is lifted.

5. Keep Yourself Healthy 
A business won’t grow without healthy leadership – literally and figuratively. Invest in your health:

  • Drink fluids – hot water with lemon is a great cleanser for your system.
  • Take downtime – take a walk, FaceTime with family, download a free calming or meditation App.

Your wellness and safety are at the top of Rizco’s mind, and I am here personally to support you during your time of need and answer your questions at