How do you help a global brand reach a younger audience?

Waterford Crystal

The Story

Crystal surrounds you and adds an identifiable glow to your lifestyle.

Waterford is no longer your “grandmother’s crystal.” Through the conceptualization, development, and deployment of a new global ad campaign, customers are invited to experience life on the luxe-side. A series of five ads embrace mood, texture, and of course, crystal … working together to personify reflective moments, traveling, partying in the modern speakeasy, executive decisions, and being dressed to the nines.

Are you ready to “Live a Crystal Life”?

What We Did
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Mood Boards
  • Model Selection
  • Photography
  • Art Direction
  • Video

Sneaking Away

When she said “Yes,” the world suddenly changed.

Congratulations in a crowded room can overwhelm the senses. Celebratory distractions enable a surreptitious detour to an upper floor to capture a precious moment alone. As the elevator approaches, a single champagne flute invites an intimate toast. Few words are spoken, less are needed.


Executive Decisions

The third generation at the helm.

Worldwide holdings are at your command, and the decisions are yours to make. The stakes are high, but the rewards are great. Business acumen affords affluence and impeccable first impressions. Surround yourself with the best crystal life has to offer.


Dressed To
The Nines

Self confidence for a high-profile affair.

From the board room to the ballroom, the CEO is in command of every room. It could be a late evening entertaining potential strategic partners. A luxurious vanity ensemble for a touch-up or a momentary indulgence before the tête-à-tête begins.


Reflective Moments

Architecture and light create a perfect environment.

Contrasting textures set the mood for a quiet moment filled with contemplation to savor accomplishments. Spectacular lighting sparkles like the flash of an idea that precedes a stroke of genius.


Well Traveled

Three continents in two days, layovers come with the territory.

An oasis in the midst of a hectic international terminal, the stylish VIP Lounge is a haven filled with first class accommodations including plenty of personal space, connections for technology, and top-shelf refreshments served in world class crystal. It’s the only way to fly.


Modern Speakeasy

The guest list is strictly limited for this exclusive affair.

Straight from the red carpet and runway, everyone who’s anyone is here tonight – although it may already be morning. Blue notes of cool jazz keep the party bubbling at a sinfully sexy simmer. The champagne is cold, the whiskey artisanal and the crystal exquisite.